Silicon Dioxide (Silica) – 175G
Silicon Dioxide is a filler, which gives good abrasion resistance and tensile strength to natural and synthetic rubbers, including NBR, SMR, due to its good reinforcing properties.

Product introduction:

Ultrasil is a white precipitated silica that is used as a filler to strengthen natural and synthetic rubber. This product is available as granules or powder.

Product features:

Due to its reinforcing properties, this compound gives good wear resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength to the rubber. The granulated form of this compound is less spreadable than its powder during mixing, so the mixing time is shorter.

Product application:

Ultrasil is used to strengthen the physical properties of natural and synthetic rubbers, including SMR, NBR. This compound is used as a primary filler in combination with carbon black. In addition, in tire production, ultrasil improves rolling resistance, flex fatigue and traction.

Product storage conditions: 

  • The storage environment of this product must have proper ventilation
  • The storage place of this product should be dry and cool
  • Store away from direct sunlight

Appearance specifications:

Product storage conditions:

  • Appearance of the product: white granules
  • Type of packaging: bag
  • Weight of each bag: 25 kg
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Existing brand: Mansil

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