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Who We Are?

about us ,Hamiico’s perspective is to promote exports to middle Asia, along with the quantitative and qualitative expansion of products and domestic sales. Based on the “Hamiico” brand, the Company is hopeful of  stabilizing itself as a central Hub for supplying raw materials in the region.

Hamiico's History:

Dated back to 1989, Faratech parsian founders started their commercial activities in the form of a family business called “Ahari Commerce”, which was active in importing raw textile materials. In the very first years of business initiation, Faratech parsian entered into supplying the raw materials necessary for producing household gloves based on the market need. Since 1993, importing & distributing natural latex was company’s primary business, and this was the beginning of entering the world of rubber & chemical raw materials.

Hamiico, Nowaday:

“Faratech Parsian Co.” was founded in 2010 to develop & complete a group of products needed in tire manufacturing.”Faratech Parsian Co.” has been supplying various raw materials (needed in the respective industries) on time, based on the opinion of experienced experts and precise identification of market demand during these years.

Hamiico in Future:

Our Vision: Becoming the central Hub in Iran and middle Asia for supplying raw materials in tires, rubber, plastics, and chemicals.

OUR MISSION: Importing raw materials for manufacturing tires, rubber, plastics, chemicals, and auto parts of the highest quality, supplied by the most reputable international manufacturers.

Our Value: Superiority, honesty, customer orientation, quality, and development.

Hamiico Team

Hamiico’s Commercial Experts are ready to connect with you and hear your needs.

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