Thermoplastic Polyurethane – TPU760
It is a thermoplastic elastomer that has many applications due to its ease of processability. Due to its high resistance to heat, wear and chemicals, this material is used in various industries such as the production of glue, shoes and shoe soles, car body parts, etc.

TPU Introduction:

Due to its ease of processing, this thermoplastic elastomer has multiple applications. This compound’s chemical structure consists of hard and soft parts connected by chain.

TPU Features:

  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis
  • Positive crystallinity index (Crystallization)
  •  Excellent thermal resistance
  • Bonding strength against numerous substances
  •  High abrasion resistance
  •  Excellent pliability at low temperatures

TPU Applications:

  • Glue production
  • Athletic shoes and their soles
  • Side car body sections
  • Tiny wheels (carts, hospital bed wheels)
  • Car belts
  • Flexible pipes
  • Auto safety belt
  • Skate wheels
  • Cable and wire protection sheathing


TPU Storage Condition:

TPU is soluble in acetone and butanone and should not be placed near substances with potent oxidizing properties because it is soluble in these solvents. It should be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated, and in sealed containers. Six months is the maximum recommended storage time under normal conditions. When using this product, friction can generate a dangerous static charge that , when in contact with flammable solvents , can cause a fire or an explosion. Furthermore, at high temperatures it may produce steam and smoke. There is a chance of slipping if it falls onto surfaces. Avoid touching it with your hands or skin.

Appearance specifications:

  • Appearance of the product: white granules
  • Type of packaging: bag
  • Weight of each bag: 25 kg
  • Country of manufacture: Taiwan
  • Existing brand: TPUCO
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