Accelerator MBT
MBT is a functional accelerator that is used as a curing agent and adjusts the final properties of rubber in the industry and provides the possibility of curing at high temperatures for rubber.

Product Introduction:

MBT is a popular primary accelerator, which belongs to Thiazoles Category. MBT allows for high-temperature curing and is used for a variety of rubber products. MBT is activated by Zinc oxide and Stearic acid. MBT is used with secondary accelerators such as DOTG and DPG to speed up the curing process.

Product Features:

MBT is soluble in ethyl acetate, ethanol, NaOH solution and baking soda. Moreover, MBT is barely soluble in Chloroform, Dichloromethane, and Ethyl Ether, but entirely insoluble in gasoline, water, and diesel. MBT improves the wear resistance of the final product, but has lower burn safety than MBTS.

Product Applications:

MBT is utilized as the primary accelerator, used both on its own and in combination with TMTD, DM, and numerous other primary accelerators in the production of tires, tubes, rubber belts, etc.

Storage Condition:

MBT should be stored in a cool, dry place with enough ventilation, away from direct sunlight.

Appearance specifications:

  • Appearance of the product: white powder
  • Type of packaging: bag
  • Weight of each bag: 25 kg
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Existing brand: Henan Kailun

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