Antioxidant IPPD (4010)
Another antioxidant, which is widely used in the rubber industry, is Ippd, which protects rubber against destruction caused by ozone due to its anti-ozonation properties. For this reason, it is considered a valuable material in tire production

Product Introduction:

This compound is a well-known antioxidant in the synthetic and natural rubber industries, and it conveys favorable physical properties to the final polymer.

IPPD improves the final polymer’s resistance to high temperatures. It also increases the final polymer’s resistance to bending and fatigue. This product provides the final polymer with excellent flexibility. This antioxidant is soluble in oil, benzene, and ethyl acetate but not water.


Product Introduction:

Some of the key features of IPPD include:

  • High thermal stability
  • Effective protection against oxidation
  • Improved aging resistance
  • Low volatility
  • Compatibility with other additives

Product Applications:

This product is utilized to prevent the thermal degradation of tires, particularly NBR.

Other IPPD applications include the following:

  • Pneumatic tire manufacturing
  • Producing all natural and synthetic rubber varieties
  • Tire manufacturing
  •  Wires, cables, and belts

Storage Condition:

Due to this product’s low melting point, all safety precautions must be taken during transportation and storage.

Appearance specifications:

  • Appearance of the product: dark brown to dark purple granules
  • Type of packaging: bag
  • Weight of each bag: 25 kg
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Existing brand: Henan Kailun

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