Chemosil Primer and Bonding Agent, Product Grade: 211, 222, 225
A powerful two-component adhesive used in the rubber industry to bond rubber to metal, including NBR and EPDM.

Chemosil Introduction:

Many rubbers can be adhered to various metal and plastic surfaces due to the extreme strength of LORD Chemosil®, a rubber bonding glue and elastomer bonding agent. Chemosil® 211 is typically used with a coating (primer).

Chemosil Features:

Chemosil 211 is a multi-purpose primer that serves as the initial link in the chain of metal-to-rubber connections and is typically in charge of joining the metal to the next adhesive. When applying the next layer adhesives, such as Chemosil® 222 which are typically black in color, the gray color of this adhesive makes it easier to recognize and regulate the attached points.Theproduct’s environmental resistance (to climate conditions) and strength are increased, a strong and firm connection is made, and the product’s quality is raised when gray and black glue are used together.

Chemosil Applications:

Chemosil® 222 is an effective bonding agent for various rubbers to plastics and metals when used alone or in conjunction with grade 211. This has a significant impact on the product’s environmental resistance and strength.All types of rubber, including natural rubber (NR), butadiene (BR), isoprene (IR)chloroprene (CR), SBR, and NBR, as well as mixtures of them, are glued to metals and plastics using this product. 

Chemosil Storage Conditions:

Given that this glue is temperature-sensitive, the container’s cover should not be opened while it is being stored. Additionally, freezing should be avoided. This adhesive is intended for industrial usage only; it cannot be used at home.

Appearance specifications:

  • Appearance: gray and black liquid
  • Type of packaging: bucket
  • Weight of each barrel: 25 and 23 kg
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Existing brand: LORD
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