Natural Rubber Latex 60% HA
Latex is a milky white liquid that is extracted from the Hevea tree. Due to its high elasticity and good strength, this natural rubber is used in a wide range of products including medical gloves, balloons and certain types of safety shoes.

Product Introduction:

Latex is a soft, white substance that is made from the sap of tropical trees called Ficus and Hevea. This material is gathered from tree trunks and then centrifuged with chemicals like ammonia (to extend the life of latex). It is prepared for use in the manufacture of other products after the coagulation process.

Product Features:

Some of latexes’ most crucial features are high elasticity, superior tensile strength, and tear resistance.

Product Applications:

  • Producing different types of tires
  • Making gloves
  • Rubber flooring
  • Manufacturing of brake pads, airbags, and roof covering in the automotive sector
  • The completion of textile products

Storage Condition:

Latex is soluble in water but not in alcohol or some chemicals. The storage conditions for latex are not difficult because it is resistant to moisture and heat.

Appearance Specifications:

  • Appearance of the product: white liquid
  • Type of packaging: metal barrels
  • Weight of each barrel: 205 kg
  • Country of manufacture: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam
  • Available brands: HA, Flatex

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