Dicumyl peroxide
dicumyl peroxide or sugar peroxide is an organic compound that is used as a curing agent in the rubber and plastic industry and gives good properties to the final product, including increasing the rubber’s resistance to water, oil, and chemicals.

Product Introduction:

Peroxides are compounds that contain at least two oxygen atoms and are connected to organic chemical groups by a single bond. These compounds are capable of catalyzing certain chemical reactions, such as polymerization of one or more monomers.

DCP belongs to the category of alkyl peroxides and is used as a white powdery solid resembling sugar grains. These substances are primarily used as polymerization initiators for polymers.

Product Features:

Some of the advantages of curing with peroxide instead of sulfur include:

  • Better preservation of rubber properties against weather conditions
  • Improved resistance of rubber to chemicals and oils
  • Application over a wider range of temperatures
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Better preservation of color in the final product cured with peroxide

Product Applications:

Due to their precise composition, long shelf life, and excellent performance in synthesizing polymers and elastomers, these products are primarily used as curing agents. Additionally, DCP may also be used for the polymerization of styrene.

Polymers that can be linked to peroxides are used in the manufacturing of hoses, wires, and rubber, as well as flame retardants in polystyrene as flame retardants.

Storage Condition:

This product should be stored in a dry, cool area with proper ventilation away from ignition sources. Additionally, due to its volatility, it should be stored in opaque containers with sealed lids. Furthermore, if possible, the storage area should be equipped with fire-resistant electrical equipment.

Appearance Specifications:

  • Appearance: white powder
  • Type of packaging: box
  • Weight of each bag: 20 kg
  • Country of manufacture: South Korea
  • Existing brand: Dong sung

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