Rubber Smoked Sheet – RSS1
RSS rubber stands for Ribbed Smoked Sheet and is another type of natural rubber. After processing and drying, this type of rubber becomes ribbed sheets. The main use of these sheets is in various industries, such as car parts, airplane tires, glue and sports equipment.

Product Introduction:

Ribbed smoke sheets, commonly known as RSS, are another type of natural rubber. RSS are rubber sheets that have been chemically coagulated to harden (latex manufactured from Hevea tree sap).  These latex sheets are moved to smoke rooms to dry after passing through rollers with ribbed surfaces

Product Features:

This rubber is offered in the following grades: RSS1X, RSS1, RSS2, RSS3, RSS4, and RSS5. These RSS are primarily categorized according to visual worth. This product has strong abrasion resistance and outstanding flexibility. Its tensile strength is good for natural rubber.

Product Applications:

The production of all types of tires (tread, tire body, and side walls) accounts for the majority of this product’s usage. This product can also be used for the following things:

  •  Rubber bands and seals
  •  Tubes
  •  bumpers
  •  Conveyor belts
  •  Rubber hoses
  •  Rubber washers

Storage Condition:

This product loses its physical and chemical qualities when exposed to sunlight, ozone, gasoline, and oil. Additionally it only has a minor thermal capacity (melting point 37). As a result, during storage and transit, all safety procedures must be followed.

Appearance specifications:

  • Appearance of the product: light brown solid
  • Type of packaging: pallet
  • Weight of each pallet: 111 kg
  • Country of manufacture: Thailand
  • Available Brand: HA

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