18th International Auto Part Exhibition (IAPEX 2023 – IRAN)

13-15 AUG 2023

Tehran International Exhibition Centre

A summary of the 18th Auto Parts Exhibition

The 18th Tehran International Automobile Parts, accessories and collections Exhibition (IAPEX) was held for 4 days from 22th of August to 25th of August 2023 at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibition. This exhibition was held in an area of about 80,000 m2 with the participation of 580 domestic companies and 470 foreign companies from Italy, Germany, India, Turkey, China, UAE, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia. The turning point of this exhibition was the strong presence of knowledge enterprise companies as well as specialized research institutes in the field of automobiles. This presence created a very useful and comprehensive exchange of knowledge between producers and researchers, which indicates a very bright future for the development and progress of this industry and its related industries.

Hamiico and the 18th Auto Parts Exhibition 2023

After the previous successful experience of participating in the 17th exhibition, Hamiico participated in the 18th exhibition with a firmer determination. With the priority of providing new products and developing cooperation, in addition to increasing its product to more than 40 products, Hamiico tried for the first time to introduce its new products that are used in other auto-related industries, such as paint, chemicals and plastic parts. The high quality and variety of products as well as the development of the supply chain of raw materials needed for the automotive industry made the manufacturers of this industry to trust Hamiico and feel this company as a valuable partner by their side. In addition, the 18th exhibition was the a very successful event for Hamiico which attracted the attention of many non-specialist visitors and caused Hamiico to try its best for development of this industry.

We had the honor of hosting you!

The presence of specialized and non-specialized visitors, managers, deputies and board members of public and private companies, as usual as last year, was a glory of Hamiico Group, and Hamiico in turn appreciates the support and presence of these visitors and will try to develop this attention in the future and try harder in the development of this industry.

Exhibition Gallery

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